Blog Rationale

“Go on then, justify yourself.”

As a white, heterosexual, middle-class, cisgendered female, I’m not exactly breaking new ground in the feminist blogosphere. And as a compulsive reader of so many other blogs, it’s hard to think of areas of interest that aren’t already being covered/dealt/with/discussed/explored/pilloried/mocked by someone a great deal more eloquent (and with a larger readership) than myself.

So why blog?

The very short answer is because I’d really like a good grade in this class. (Hi Dr. J!)

The serious answer is that while I’m not a unique snowflake, I still have a unique voice. I still feel like I have something to add to the discussion, if only because I do read so many other blogs/media/bulletin boards.

Blogs have done more to teach me about feminism than any book on theory.  Blogs have helped me “get” my white privilege in a way that classes didn’t.  They’ve made me realise the depth and breadth of the Patriarchy in our culture and why it matters.  I know why “colour blindness” is bullshit.  I’ve learned about Health At Every Size and how we’re taught to hate our bodies and fear fat.  I understand why rape jokes are problematic.  I can get the perspectives of people of colour, men and women, gays, lesbians, Muslims, transgender individuals… people who fall into all sorts of overlapping categories of kyriarchy.  Even one very liberal Evangelical Christian.

I’ve been able to unpack a great deal of my subconscious biases and hold them up to the light for examination. I like to think it’s made me a better person.  I know it’s made me a more aware one.

Blogs gave me a language to express the vague concerns I’d always had but lacked the ability to articulate.  (And yes, if you know me in person, you’d be astonished to believe there’s anything I think I can’t articulate.)

Maybe now I can return the favour.

This blog will deal primarily with feminism, because it is the area I am most familiar with.  I will make a sincere effort, though, to not ignore issues that are of concern to nonwhite, noncisgendered nonheteronormative nonmiddle-class feminists.  Feel free to call me out if I make mistakes, I likely will.

I’m especially interested in the generally unexamined, under-the-radar sexism so common in our culture, especially pop culture, as well as the general societal pressure to conform to certain ideals of femininity/gender roles, especially as they manifest in expectations of appearance and in fat hatred.  It is the quotidian bullshit of everyday existence in a Patriarchy that really wears you down, and I think that’s worth a much closer look.

Of course, if something really pisses me the hell off or makes me deliriously happy, it’ll probably show up here too.

Also, LOLcats.


1 Response to “Blog Rationale”

  1. 1 Dr. J
    31 March 2009 at 4:01 pm

    A beautiful post… Silly rabbit, don’t you know…. LOL cats *are* the pathway…not only to a good grade….just, period.

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