Improving Web Traffic with Boobies


I touched upon this topic in a comment on a classmate’s blog, but it was annoying enough to be worth expanding upon.

Some male bloggers have suggested, in the past, that women consider “sexing it up” to improve one’s viewership. Some male bloggers have even put up pictures of attractive women on their blogs to attract readers.


This idea, of course, heavily heavily privileges heteronormative male viewership. What about straight female readers? Gay male readers? Anyone who sees enough objectified females in their day to day lives that they’d bloody well like somewhere they could go where the female form wasn’t exploited for the male gaze? The entertainment industry’s target audience is fourteen year old boys, must the blogosphere’s be as well? Isn’t half the point of allowing non-white-male imput and community creating to fight the idea that women are only worthwhile if they are making themselves available as sexual objects?


Here we are, in this beautiful space where (in theory) all that should matter are my words, and people are suggesting that what really matters is showing my body for male viewership, talking about my sex life not as a point of activism or awareness, but for the express purpose of heteronormative male titilation. Are people who aren’t conventionally attractive then not as worthy of being read? Is this another way of privileging women who fit into a very narrow mold of beauty?


Culturally, we are obsessed with the appearance of women. It’s as though we can’t process their ideas until we’ve decided whether they’re hot or not. Hell, we may not get as far as processing their ideas, but we definitely want to gauge the attractiveness first thing. I see it in the art world more than I’d like to. Of course, it’s a double-edged sword: we’re told to use our looks to get attention, but we’re constantly attacked if there’s any suspicion that we’ve, y’know, used our looks to get attention.

Because that would be dishonest.


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    2 April 2009 at 10:39 am


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