International No-Diet Day

Happy International No Diet Day!

Celebrate by educating yourself! Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body has just come out.

Why no diets? Because diets don’t work, cause yo-yo weight that’s extra bad for your health, feed into the diet industry’s multi-million dollar campaigns to make you feel inherently inadequate…. and, oh yeah, can kill you.

And even if they don’t kill you, they’re torture. Literally.

A Huff Po blogger reports that the Bush Administration Torture memos reveal that one of the “techniques” used was restricting the prisoners’ diets to 1000 calories a day, delivered by Ensure shakes and other methods. They justified this as “medically safe” and not torture because commercially available diet plans in the US frequently practice the same caloric restriction.

Let me repeat, with emphasis:  Diets were used as a torture technique.

This isn’t the first time the government has gotten involved in caloric restriction.  During WWII, the goverment actually ran a study on the effects of calorie restriction on healthy individuals, so they could figure out how best to help the malnourished and starving survivors of war-torn Europe get back to health.  You can read about the study here at Junkfood Science, it was a pretty interesting study, with applications to contemporary dieting and misunderstandings about weight.

Like that fat people are fat because they overeat:

The Minnesota Starvation Study also demonstrated that “overeating” and starvation-induced hunger only remained evident as long as weight was below what was natural for each person. It is very rarely seen when people aren’t dieting and they allow themselves to eat naturally and their bodies to be whatever they are genetically meant to be. In fact, healthy fat people actually eat no differently than a naturally thin person; they maintain a stable weight and energy balance just like a naturally thin person, just at a different set point range.

And in the meantime, fat individuals are subject to constant harassment because everyone knows they are lazy, hygenically-challenged, badly dressed slobs who spend all day shoving food in their mouths. But it’s okay to discriminate against them, because it’s for their health.

And bringing up the weight of potential Supreme Court nominees in an effort to disqualify them? That’s not being sexist (since they’re only an issue for female potential appointees), that’s just being concerned.

Dieting is one more way that society tries to police the bodies of women. Whatever your weight, you weigh too much. Unless you weigh too little, in which case you probably have an eating disorder. And it’s everyone else’s job to judge and police your body to make sure you’re fitting within acceptable societal norms, whether it’s dieting or shaving or wearing makeup…

Reject the diet. Respect your body. Love yourself. Be well.


1 Response to “International No-Diet Day”

  1. 1 T-ALL-A
    9 May 2009 at 10:23 pm

    You have done an awesome job to share your thoughts and feelings on a wide array of subjects. I really appreciate your attitude towards these subjects, especially on fat. I agree with you that dieting is just another way to police women. I say be happy with who you are, if you are a little heavy HEY IT’S ALL GOOD… if your naturally SKINNY… it’s all good… be comfortable in your own skin. Do not let society dictate your ways of thinking. Sorry for my little rant I am just elaborating on the great point you made. You have done a great job, I hope you continue to blog after the class is over.

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