A quick WTF note to Disney


When I went to see Up this past weekend, I was subjected to a trailer for a Jerry Bruckheimer-directed Disney film called G-Force, featuring special ops hamsters and (one suspects) rather a lot of explosions.

Certainly there is probably a great deal to complain about in the film, especially for any devotees of storytelling or good taste, but that’s not what really caught my attention.

There is a token female character (the one on the far left). Voiced by Penelope Cruz, I am guessing she is also supposed to be Latina. And you’ve named her Juarez.


Were you perhaps not aware that one of the things that Ciudad Juarez is best known for is the horrific unsolved rape-and-torture murders of hundreds of women since 1993?


These unsolved femicides are not a secret, nor are they even obscure. They are the fifth thing to come up in Google search if you enter “Juarez.” Several movies have been made about them, the FBI has investigated them, books have been written about them, Amnesty International has gotten involved…. this killing spree has gained worldwide attention.

And yet no one at Disney either did enough research or, if they did discover this, thought that it was pertinent to the naming of a Latina character in a kid’s film.

What, exactly, were you thinking?



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